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About us

Some words about us

Vorat firm deals with making the drum sticks meant for both drum beginner steps and affirmed musicians as well. Playing drums requires a very devoted musician, a set of sticks and a set of drums of course. Drum sticks as a connection between the musician and the drums are very important as an element in creating the music and expressing the music in general. So, we are giving our best to offer you the highest quality set possible.

Vorat firm has existed since 2010 but the very experience in making the sticks is much longer. We have a completed process of making sticks from selection, wood preparation to final processing and matching the sticks. We pay particular attention to high quality materials (hornbeam wood).

  • Vision - We deliver uniqueness and quality
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience

Find model that you like.

Currently our offer contains classic models classified according to universal labels.
The enriching of our offer with new models is being planned.

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When ordering, please name which model (or models) you want to order and the number of sets (pairs). The order must contain at least 10 sets (pairs). You can combine different models in one order. The price per one set (pair) is 4 eur plus delivery charge added. Name the models you order and the number of sets: Provide your full name, the e-mail address and we will contact you for further cooperation.